Training – Week One


After several weeks with temperatures over 30 degrees, it is much easier to put in the training at 20 degrees! This Wednesday I rode with Tony Madden, doing 35 miles to Upton, near Andover, and back. The ride was quite hilly around Shalbourne, Upton and Hatherden, so a good test. On Saturday I went south to Stockbridge via Hungerford, Shalbourne, Wherwell, Chute and Great Bedwyn, stopping for a good lunch in Stockbridge, and again at the Hatchet in Chute for a bowl of chips! If you’ve cycled 60 miles you can eat what you like. At the lower temperatures I felt really good.

It’s now only one month to go and I have to get the mileage up towards 90-100 miles per day to get the distance done in the time available. It’s much easier cycling with a friend – on your own you feel every hill and bump, whilst with a friend it doesn’t seem so far or so hard. Steve Tippins will be a great cycling companion in Ireland.

The mydonate page is now up and thank you to the people who have sponsored me so far – it helps to keep my legs going and my wheels turning!

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